Friday, March 4, 2011

Shut the Front Door!

So my adorable Hubby is going out of town on Sunday and will be gone until the following Saturday. His job has him traveling like this for the next year, at least once a month he's gone for a full week. Its been this way for years (12 to be exact) throw in the 4 years in the Marines before that and I should be used to it, right?!?

So this week he totally surprised me by saying "Baby, I'm taking off Friday to spend the whole day, just you and me, before I have to take off. I really appreciate what you do and I want to show you. I know you'll have your hands full alone here next week." Sweetest.... Man.... EVA! So I took off today so that I could spend the day with him.

Lill'D had book club and had to be at school at 7:15 (with 20 donuts). Big'D had FCA (Fellowship for Christian Athletes) also at 7:15.... thank God I live within 10 houses either way of both of their schools. No one was to early or late.

I get back home and the "Old Man" is still sleeping, poor guy is exhausted. I take my shower, get gussied up.... wash dishes from breakfast, take the dogs out, clean out the other pets' cages, start laundry.... I'm now cleaning the Girls' bathroom... and he's still snoozing. So much for my romantic day alone. My youngest will be home in about 5 hours. Here's to hoping he gets up before 2!

Wish me luck ladies, if he's not up in 2 hours... I'm going to get nekkid and go jump on the bed to get his attention, yeah, that should do the trick.

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