Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm to the point of buying a Taser to use on my family, please help save them!

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Does anyone else have the issue of no one else in their family doing ANYTHING? And by ANYTHING I mean they DO NOTHING but make a bigger mess. They don't pick up behind themselves at all.

Ok Wall o'Text Back story time: grab your coffee and kick your feet up ladies, this is a LONG rant. I am too many issues to even count.

My Mom was a single Mom until I was 10, she moved to Texas from SC when I was 6 months old and she divorced my biological father (we just refer to him as the sperm donor even though they were married from the time she was 15 until she had me at 21). It was just me and her until my little sister was born and she moved us all in with my Step-Dad (who is the closest thing I have EVER had to a Daddy). He's the man I adore, walked me down the aisle, held my babies, taught me to drive, etc.... I couldn't ask for more from a man who didn't have to love me. When I was growing up, Mom worked two jobs (sometimes 3), until she met Dad we lived in section 8 apartments, had no car and I was a latch-key Kid. He came along, moved us into a house, provided everything to take care of us, but Mom still worked full time.

We didn't have a clean house when I was a kid. Mom and Dad both worked full time, there is 10 years between me and my sister so I did most of the cleaning, which was difficult for a 10 yr old to even know what to do! Mom left me a chose list that I had to do everyday when I got home from school and it had to be done before she and Dad got home at 6. But we never made our beds, our rooms were always a wreck.... Every Saturday morning Mom made us get up and do cleaning, I hate those days.

I have never given my kids a chore list in their lives! So I have been my own worst enemy. I sabotaged myself here.

Fast-forward: My home isn't a home, it's a disaster area! Should be quarantined (ok not really but I feel like it some days)! I can't get my kids to make their beds or pick up behind themselves! Why should they? I never made them when they were little, they are almost 11 and 15 now (both girls). When I asked my oldest to help me pick up around the house, her response was "Isn't that your job!" door slam.... broke my heart and sent me into tears. My youngest likes to help clean, she loves to dust.... other people's houses, just not ours. She loves helping my Hubby's grandmother but if I ask her to pick up her shoes from the den floor she blows a gasket. If I pick up her stuff and leave it on her bed she complains that I am messing up her room (even though you can't even see some of the carpet in there!)

I love my husband, I really do. I'm trying my best to do every thing since he works so much to provide for us so I can be home when the kids get home.... but there is only so much a woman can do alone. He complained yesterday that he couldn't find any dress socks for work, of course he couldn't... he left them all in the floor behind the door in HIS bathroom, so I refuse to wash them. I'm tired of having to clean behind 4 people, 2 dogs and various caged pets.

I do all the cooking, all the laundry, all the cleaning, all the house errands, all the kid running and car pooling, and all the home repairs (unless I screw it up bad enough that the Hubby steps in and fixes something or I just call some one to do it).

I do work 3-4 hours a day while the kids are at school, I hate cleaning when they get home, I want to spend time with them.

As I sit here at MY desk, its covered in clay and books and toys, empty glasses and I swear there is a plate on the floor under my chair... all thanks to the girls. I'm looking at a mountain of laundry I picked up out of his bathroom (which I am about to go clean cause it smells funny, he is the only one that uses it but can't even bother to swish the potty) and his shoes in the den floor, my oldest dumped her gym bag out of the coffee table and my youngest dumped her back pack out on the couch... a week's worth of cleaning is chasing me around my home threatening to eat me ALIVE!

I really am to the point of buying a taser, lol. Some one help me out here, what can I do to get my family to step up? At least by picking up after themselves!

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